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Hello Folks, This Wiki is a repository for information concerning a private project of mine, which I refer to as the Academy-Verse. It is a fictional framework with superheroes, mainly centered around a crime fighting academy situated on a giant floating island.

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This Project of mine has been with me for a long long time. It's formed under inspiration of many sources, most notably X-Men and Harry Potter and Sky High and over the years has been revised and refined many many times. I've used this background for a couple of different things, but the main use it's gotten is as a framework for roleplaying as well as stories. If you want to get started on finding out more about it you best start with basal concepts of the framework, such as the Trinitary Nature of Reality, Meta-Humans or the SuperDrops Academy for Extraordinarily Gifted Crime Fighters.

Current Player Characters can be found on the category page

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